Update on New Office

Update on New Office – 19th March 2015

So things didn’t go entirely to plan with the portable office. I got caught with a little bit of false advertising and ended up sending the office back to Melbourne. So we are now back to the planning phase again. I’ve been getting quotes to get a custom built office to go in the existing site (which was all levelled and prepared for the portable office) beside my driveway for easy access.

I’m waiting on a quote from Clifton Mobile Homes at the moment which look to be the most promising for getting us everything that is required for comfort and privacy for all you wanting to Quit Cigarettes for LIFE!

I’m also looking at a LaZ-Boy recliner from Wood Street Warehouse for ultimate comfort and for clients to feel super-relaxed.

I’ll keep you all posted on progress and plans.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day 🙂

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