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Lifetime Guarantee


95.6% Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes

We can offer our unique lifetime guarantee because we have such a high success rate. Literally more than 95.6% of people quit smoking within 60 minutes using this system.

For those that do not, they quit smoking during the free follow up session covered by our lifetime guarantee.

If you really want to quit smoking cigarettes, we guarantee you will and we will work with you until you do.

You will be satisfied and happy that you are a non-smoker and have achieved what so many wish they could do!

You become a happy, permanent, non-smoker for life!

More about the Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident that you will quit smoking using this system that we back up our Quit Cigarettes Sessions with a Lifetime Guarantee!

This means that if you ever start smoking cigarettes again, we will do a session for FREE to help you to get back on track as a non-smoker again.

What Do You Need To Do NOW?

Call 1300 730 516 and book your Quit Cigarettes session today!

Meet with your Quit Cigarettes Specialist and we will discuss:

  • Background information about you and your habit
  • The specific reasons and excuses why you have not successfully quit before
  • How the system works

Your Specialist will then:

  • Design a program to your specific needs and situation
  • Use Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, reframing and other processes to break the habits of a lifetime
  • Provide you with support materials to help ensure you remain a non-smoker for life!

You WILL quit smoking cigarettes during the session and go home a non-smoker for LIFE!