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Want your FREEDOM back?!

Want your FREEDOM back?!

You’re a strong person.
You have succeeded in so many things in your life.
You are so determined and can do anything you set your mind to.

Except for getting rid of those bloody cigarettes!

A stupid little stick of white paper filled with tobacco has control over you. It drives you crazy because you’re better than that!

You’ve tried so many ways to stop smoking and you end up going back to them and you kick yourself every … single …. time that you have a cigarette now.

20 times a day you tell yourself that you’re an idiot, that you’re weak, that you’re a failure and you actually start to believe it!

It also takes a strong person to ask for help. To reach out to someone who will stand by you until you successfully become a non-smoker and I will then celebrate your success with you!

All you have to do is send me a message or give me a call on 1300 730 516 and I can help you to release the hold that cigarettes have over you.

Want your FREEDOM back? Call 1300 730 516 today and book in.
I know you can do it!


Too old to quit smoking – think again!

Too old to quit smoking – think again!

For those thinking that they’re too old to give up smoking – my oldest client is a very young 86 year old lady who was sick of smoking because it was slowing her down.

On the opposite end of the scale, my youngest client so far is a 22 year old gentleman who is kicking cigarettes butt and he feels great about it!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, what gender, your lifestyle or anything else. If you are READY to give up smoking and you are sick and tired of failing with the other ways that you’ve tried, give me a call and see how I can help you too.

Don’t let your hard earned money go up in smoke any longer!
Have the freedom of choice back so you can choose how you spend your money, how you live your life and how you treat yourself.

The choice is always yours; choose success!

1300 730 516
Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes, East Gippsland
Guaranteed for LIFE!!

Back in Business

Back in Business

So it’s now the 4th May 2016 and I’ve been working out of my beautiful new office part-time since December 2015. It’s been a steep learning curve getting used to ‘juggling’ both kids and their needs with the business. Luckily, I do love a challenge and I do prefer to be busy.

My new purpose built office is beautiful to work in and is a professional, friendly and relaxing environment for both myself and my clients. I even have an amazingly relaxing LaZBoy recliner for my clients’ hypnosis sessions!

I will be back in full swing starting July 2016! I’m looking forward to all the challenges this brings and all the amazing results that my clients are getting!


Latest news: 14th May 2015

Latest news as of 14th May 2015

Just over 6 weeks until I start maternity leave!

This gives new clients 6 weeks to book in to Quit Cigarettes with me this year. I’ll be taking 6 months off, starting up again in January 2016.

What does this mean for new clients: I won’t be taking on any new clients within this 6 month period.

What does this mean for existing clients: If you require a Follow Up session, just give me a call on the 1300 number (1300 730 516) and we can work out a time that I can see you again. All of my existing clients will be supported with Free Follow Up Sessions as covered by the Lifetime Warranty.

Appointments are very limited in this time, so please give me a call as soon as possible to secure your place, or you will have to wait for another 6 months for an appointment.

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what your body will thank you for TODAY!”

My Hypnosis Chair!

Hypnosis Chair Ordered!

Latest news: 9th April 2015

I ordered a La-Z-Boy recliner from Webster’s Wood Street Warehouse this morning.  A beautiful soft fabric for ultimate comfort in a neutral taupe tone to promote relaxation.

The style is called Eden, the most comfortable one that I sat on in store, only the best for my clients!

Everything is rolling along smoothly with the new office too, it should be completed within 6 weeks and then I can decorate it 🙂

Update on New Office

Update on New Office – 19th March 2015

So things didn’t go entirely to plan with the portable office. I got caught with a little bit of false advertising and ended up sending the office back to Melbourne. So we are now back to the planning phase again. I’ve been getting quotes to get a custom built office to go in the existing site (which was all levelled and prepared for the portable office) beside my driveway for easy access.

I’m waiting on a quote from Clifton Mobile Homes at the moment which look to be the most promising for getting us everything that is required for comfort and privacy for all you wanting to Quit Cigarettes for LIFE!

I’m also looking at a LaZ-Boy recliner from Wood Street Warehouse for ultimate comfort and for clients to feel super-relaxed.

I’ll keep you all posted on progress and plans.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day 🙂

Our Latest News – Thursday 19th February 2015

We are expecting Baby #3 in late July 2015!!!!

We are super excited to announce that we are having another baby; 17 weeks along tomorrow (as of Thursday 19th February 2015) and everything seems to be going wonderfully well so far. I’ve felt the first few noticeable movements over the past few days, which is an amazing feeling. I’m feeling pretty lucky and grateful at the moment!

This means that I will be taking some time off from early to mid July 2015, depending on how comfortable I’m feeling at that stage, to concentrate on getting ready for the new baby.

New Office Location!

So that I can still see clients and still be a stay-at-home Mum, I have purchased a portable office which sits beside my driveway at home. As of early 2016, I’ll still be able to see 2-3 clients per week, but I’ll have to keep you posted on days and times that suit once I return to seeing clients again.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see clients in my new office in mid to late March 2015 through to the first week of July 2015. Then again from early to mid January 2016. It is being delivered next week, and then the decorating begins!  It is going to be a completely comfortable, relaxed and secure environment for all of you.


Want to pay your house off around 14 years faster?!

Who doesn’t! Right?!!

According to Robert Trewin of Robert Trewin Mortgage Broking, the average mortgage amount in East Gippsland is around $240,000 with a minimum repayment amount of around $1,300 per month for a 30 year Home Loan.

Now, as I’ve previously mentioned, the average smoker spends around $500 per month on cigarettes. If you quit smoking and put this money into your mortgage instead by increasing your repayments to $1,800 per month, you would OWN your own home around 14 YEARS earlier and save a MASSIVE $112,000 in interest!!!!

Book a Quit Cigarettes Session today to save yourself a fortune for your future!!

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes, East Gippsland
1300 730 516

Thanks for the information Rob.