The Process

The Process

1.   The first step is to contact me.

This can be done via:

  • phone: 1300 730 516. This will take you to my answering service who will take your contact details for me to give you a call back. I can’t always answer my phone as I have a young (and growing) family, but I will get back to you within 24-48 hours
  • the Contact page on this website, is sent directly to my email address
  • email: enquiries@quitin60eastgippsland.com.au
  • Facebook: Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes, East Gippsland

2.   Once I get back to you, I will ask you things about your smoking habit and will always ask you if you are ready to Quit Smoking Cigarettes. This may sound like a silly question given that you have contacted me about Quitting, but unless you are ready to Quit Cigarettes for life, I can not guarantee that you will be successful. You must want to quit smoking. Not should, or have to, but WANT to.

3.   I will get your postal address or email address so I can send out some paperwork for you to fill out along with your confirmation letter including your appointment details. The paperwork asks questions about your habit which we will discuss in depth at your Pre-Session Appointment, which is directly before your Quit Cigarettes Session.

4.   Pre-Session Appointment: We discuss everything that you have written in your paperwork, this is so I can tailor the Session completely to your needs. There may be things that you want to discuss also, this is kept completely confidential. This Appointment lasts for between half an hour to 1 hour. If time is an issue for you, we can do the Pre-Session Appointment over the phone, but I prefer face to face appointments.

5.   Quit Cigarettes Session: This is where you just have to sit back and relax, quite literally, and let me do all the talking. This Session lasts for 60 Minutes and you will leave as a non-smoker. These Sessions are always completed one-on-one and always in person. It is not possible to complete this Session over the phone.

The total time you will need to set aside for your Pre-Session Appointment and your Quit Smoking Session is up to 2 hours. If you allow for 2 hours, you won’t be stressed about having to leave. The more relaxed you are in the lead-up to your appointment, the better results you will have.

6.   Follow Up sessions are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. If you feel like you’re struggling and especially if you start smoking again, give me a call and we can arrange a time to suit to get you back on track.

Have other questions? Feel free to give me a call and ask me anything you like. I am open and honest about this program and my business.

I’m ready when you are!